ABUYA ASHAARI MUHAMMAD: The Most Miraculous Leader of His Time

I present this book to the whole of Malaysia
A Land which God has ennobled with the resurgence of Islam
On your bosom
God and His Messenger have showered love
You have become a beautiful, peaceful and serene country
Albeit your multi-racial character
The loveliest in comparison with other ASEAN nations
Neither because of money
Nor for your citizens’ intelligence
But because on your physique
God has given life to His Envoy
Who bears the status of a reformer
A precursor of now veritable Imam al-Mahdi
His honour bestows Malaysia with its glory
The tsunami could not pulverize it
The devil is rendered helpless
God’s enemies, stupefied and frustrated
All forms of obstacles and barriers
Have been attempted in vain
Beloved Malaysia, ‘The Second Medina’
You have been chosen to recreate history
The Final Prophet, in the hands of his brother
Whom he called the Youth of Bani Tamim
To whom the Messenger of Allah arrives at and speaks to
Revealing guidance and news
On Malaysian soil
They plan the second resurgence
Without departure from the Quran and the Sunnah
In fact this is God’s Way
Of implementing the Quran and the Sunnah
For Malaysia to emerge as an Islamic state

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