If we profoundly investigate the hadiths on Imam al-Mahdi, added by intuitive understanding conferred by Allah, we will be able to conclude as follows. Says Abuya, he has researched into the question of Allah’s promises near the end of time, and particularly the subject of Imam al-Mahdi, for over 50 years. Since many of these hadiths have the trait of ‘secret codes’ which Allah and His Messenger themselves had codified, in order to decipher them, one has to necessarily be bestowed the understanding intuitively by Allah and His Messenger. Abuya adds, since the the resurgence of Islam is carried out by Imam al-Mahdi himself, assisted by the Prince of Bani Tamim, they are the one to have been conferred with the intuition to understand the whole package of hadiths about the end of time. Apart from them, nobody, not even the knowledgable ulama and Jewish scholars, are sure of the exact form or format of the resurgence. The literal meanings of the hadiths are just too vague.

According to Abuya, Allah has granted him the understanding about the concept, technique and direction of the struggle near the end of time, from its beginning to the end. This understanding has been tested action-wise, and has proven fruitful. The outcome until now convinces Abuya that the understanding, acquired from time to time, is indeed veritable.

The following is what Abuya understands about Imam al-Mahdi and his struggle, referring to hadiths about the end of time and intuition acquired from time to time, for the past 40 years:

1. Imam al-Mahdi is a man who is presently alive and in occultation, by the will of Allah.

2. He will manifest himself in the material world at the time when Allah wills that the destined resurgence of Islam is to take place.

3. On the Friday of the month of the Hajj pilgrimage that he appears, blood stream out from the nostrils of the preacher delivering the Friday sermon at the Al-Haram mosque in Mecca, due to an extremely hot climate. He retires and is substituted by the second preacher. But the same bleeding transpires, so the third preacher replaces him. Yet he experiences similar bleeding. Altogether 6 preachers replace one another to no avail. Since blood is considered as filth which has to be ritually purified, their sermons are null and void. The seventh preacher rises to the pulpit, this time successfully, without any bleeding. He continues to head the Friday prayers in Mecca. He is the Imam al-Mahdi, on his first task in the material world after being in occultation for 80 years. This event resembles the advent of the Prophet Jesus (PBUH) during fajr time in the Umawi Mosque in Damascus, Syria.

4. Imam al-Mahdi name is Muhammad bin Abdullah, his mother is Aminah, he is of Bani Hasyim pedigree from the Arab Quraisy clan, and he is an ahl al-bayt (member of the household of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH)).

5. Imam al-Mahdi will manifest himself soon, after an Islamic state takes place in Malaysia in 3 to 4 years time.

6. From Mecca, he will advance to Malaysia to receive the reins of power from the Prince of Bani Tamim. This takes place after 6 months of his appearance at the pulpit of the Al-Haram mosque in Mecca.

7. During the 6 months, Imam al-Mahdi does not proclaim himself. He only meets his viziers and organizes strategies to prepare for the official proclamation. Muslims who are aware of his presence, albeit without any declaration, will undertake the oath of loyalty to him. Imam al-Mahdi requires them to first swear the oath of loyalty to the Prince of Bani Tamim, then enroll for the course on the knowledge of the Ikhwan and Asoibs in Malaysia. Most who undertake this pre-requisite are the genuine tariqah syeikhs and their followers. Most of them are Middle Easterners, but they come from all over the world in droves to Malaysia.

8. The programme of transfer of power takes place in just one night, for the groundwork had been laid by the Prince of Bani Tamim for the past 40 years. Imam al-Mahdi had then led the work from behind the curtain.

9. With state political power, a caliphate system of administration and global influence, Imam al-Mahdi begins the operation of fighting the United States of America (Sufyanis). He will triumph and rule the world.

10. Imam al-Mahdi reigns over the world for 40 years. When the Antichrist (Al-Masih al-Dajjal) appears, the Prophet Jesus descends to kill him. Prophet Jesus will authenticate Imam al-Mahdi, in the aftermath of which denizens of the world become followers of Imam al-Mahdi.
Today the world has acquired the characteristics of the world prior to the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This is the big portent of Imam al-Mahdi’s imminent advent. The world has lost its cause. A God-sent saviour has become a necessity. For that purpose, says Abuya, with His Might, God will soon transform Malaysia into an Islamic state. For Imam al-Mahdi’s arrival and role will be based on an authority and system which supports him. If he comes without support, who will greet him on his arrival? Who will authenticate him? He will become like a banished Osama bin Laden. Thus a pre-requisite for Imam al-Mahdi’s arrival is a supportive Islamic state whose political authority is vested in him. With that power, he struggles further and conquers the world. Then the Prophet Jesus descends. With power at his disposal, Imam al-Mahdi will greet Prophet Jesus and proclaim to the world, “This is Prophet Jesus.”
Only then will the world accept them.

Abuya says, if Imam al-Mahdi and the Prophet Jesus come without anyone greeting them, the world will doubt their authenticity. Bush will capture them. They go on to live like Osama bin Laden.

Malaysians, both Muslim and non-Muslim, need not be afraid of this news. Imam al-Mahdi is a saviour for all. Remember that when the Messenger of Allah came to Medina, Medinans gained from previously. Likewise, in Mecca, when the Messenger of Allah returned, conditions improved from previous times. In actual fact, surrounding countries welcomed the visits of the Companions to their countries. There were only slight obstacles to be overcome in order to enter, coming from envious, power-crazy and self-seeking authorities. The people actually longed for a saviour and welcomed the emissaries of the Messenger of Allah to their countries.

Enemies of Islam have twisted history, depicting the Messenger of Allah as a war terrorist. God willing, in Malaysia, Allah, the Messenger of Allah and Imam al-Mahdi will solve all problems through their representative, the Prince of Bani Tamim. Malaysia will really become a peaceful and prosperous country worthy of the forgiveness of Allah. Malaysia will become a country that strives for love and care. Thailand will support Malaysia. Singaporeans will leave their country to share Malaysia’s love and care. Brunei will outrightly join Malaysia, like Sabah dan Sarawak. Indonesia will also be supportive, other Muslim countries will acknowledge Malaysia, especially countries whose leader traces his descent to the Messenger of Allah.

God willing, the western empire’s destruction will ensue, and the world’s attention will be re-directed to the east, Malaysia in particular. Putrajaya will become the world’s administrative and political centre, replacing New York. The Haramayn in Mecca will become the world’s centre of worship.

Easterners in general and Malays in particular will become a global empire. They will control the Al-Aqsa Mosque once Palestine has been seized from the Jews. Malays will become like Arabs in their glorious days, scattering around the whole world in their mission of spreading Islam together with the Prince of Bani Tamim and Imam al-Mahdi. Most would not die in their own homeland as they have settled themselves everywhere as the rulers of nations and countries around the world.

Do not deny these news first. Just wait and see! As long as Abuya is alive, you have to be patient for him to prove it because up till now, he is relevant to what is being pursued and what still has potential to happen. The world’s environment and character, and of Malaysia in particular, give rise to the possibility that such a scenario can take place anytime with Allah’s Might, miraculously (via karamah or mu’jizah of the Messenger of Allah). Abuya says, let us think this way:
Say that one week before the recent coup de’tat in Thailand, somebody informed us, “A week from now there will be a coup in an Asian country led by a Muslim military leader. Guess, which country is that?” We will surely answer, “Indonesia.” Thailand would heve seemed an impossible choice as it is a Buddhist country. Thus is Allah’s Might, that the most illogical thing can take place. That is just an example. God has effected many other examples in Asia of illogical events happening. Allah intend to prepare our minds to receive news of the future, so that we may get ready and be well-prepared.

At the time that Allah and His Messenger effected the first rise of Islam, the Companions and the Arab nation were foretold of future events. For instance, through the Messenger of Allah, the Islamic conquest of Rome, Persia, Syria, Constantinople (Istanbul), Egypt and China had been presaged. At the time the information was delivered, all seemed to be an impossibility. But the Companions unwaveringly endeavoured to realize them as they were too convinced in the Messenger of Allah. As a result, Christian states converted to Islam in large numbers at the hands of the Companions, as predicted.

Abuya earnestly believes that what is happening to him is a repeat of history. His role had been foretold. Not that he was fearless and shameless of making such a claim, but his heart pressed him to do so. May we not be prejudiced, but instead be optimistic with this fate or at least we just ‘wait and see’. Do not oppose it first, so that if it becomes reality, we will not regret for our whole life.

On the Imam al-Mahdi, his biographical sketch is as follows:

Sayidi Syeikh Muhammad bin Abdullah As Suhaimi was a great ulama. He is more well-known as Kiyai Agung (The Great Kiyai) since many of his students have become kiyais (religious teachers), and many kiyais were themselves his students. He was born in the village of Sudagaran in the district of Wonosobo, Java, in 1259 Hijra. When Syeikh As Suhaimi was in Arabia, he added the appellation ‘As Suhaimi’ to his original name.

According to his genealogy, Syeikh Suhaimi was a descendant of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH). After his marriage, he settled in the village of Kali Beber, Garung district, Wonosobo. Not long after marrying Nyai Qaniah, Syeikh Suhaimi left alone to pursue his religious education in pondok Sulu Tiang in Luwanuh district. Soon he moved to Pondok Termas in Pacitan district. The 2 shools were famous for their large number of students, especially Pondok Termas. It has been said that most big ulama in Java had studies and learned there. Sayidi had mastered the knowledge of the 4 Sunni sects of jurisprudence.

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