Abuya Ashaari Muhammad cannot be separated from Aurad Muhammadiah. Separating them means divesting a physique of its spirit. What significance is left if that happens to the physique and the spirit?

Abuya remarks, “I leave it to people to say whatever they want to say as to why I have become like this. For my good self, who has felt and gone through the process, Aurad Muhammadiah is truly the sole factor which has made me in the present form. Of the many men who were born from Bani Tamim ancestry, none have been able to grasp the mantle of the Prince of Bani Tamim, as prophesized by the Messenger of Allah (PBUH), because they are not provided with the Aurad Muhammadiah.”

Such is the utmost importance of the role of Aurad Muhammadiah in Abuya’s life, as Abuya himself perceives.

Abuya continues, Islam revives in every era with an accompanying tariqah. Without spiritual activity, fighters for Islam will not possibly have the ‘power’ to execute the work of revival. When a particular programme for revival has been completed for a specific era, so does the role of the accompanying tariqah end. The specific tariqah functions only for its designated era of glory. For another era, at the hands of another figure of revival, a different tariqah will take over the role - one which is novel, able and suitable to the environment and needs of the new era.

For this era near the end of time, the Islamic resurgence is clearly promised, based on the many relevant hadiths which have foretold it. They lucidly state that the anointed figure in the resurgence is the Imam al-Mahdi, while the Prince of Bani Tamim has been chosen as its ‘sovereign of minds’ to initiate the foundation for the resurgence, on the instruction and under the surveillance of Imam al-Mahdi. When the foundation has been prepared, in the form of a Sunni Islamic state, Imam al-Mahdi will appear to take over the reins of power in one night. The preliminary work had been completed by the Prince of Bani Tamim. The struggle would then proceed to the global level.

So Abuya says, for the work of such magnitude, Allah and His Messenger supplies a very potent ‘power’ to the people involved. The ‘power’ is the Aurad Muhammadiah. Reciting it, Islamic workers near the end of time will be helped by Allah until they are capable of manifesting Islamic systems in life and overcoming a thousand and one obstacles placed in front of them by the enemies.

Abuya says further, only a striving practitioner of the Aurad Muhammadiah is fit to carry out Islamic work near the end of time. Practitioners of other tariqah, inherited from previous eras, are not strong enough to work for the cause of Islam near the end of time, for the time of their tariqahs has passed.

Aurad Muhammadiah is a special gift for Imam al-Mahdi. It has been practiced for the past 200 years, and passed on safely from one generation to another. Obstacles have been circumvented. Finally Aurad Muhammadiah reached the hands of Abuya, who has just continued the practice for 60 years. Since then, obstacles have yet again been outwitted, and now the ‘power’ of Aurad Muhammadiah has been proven.

Aurad Muhammadiah, I am truly unwilling to part with you. Your absence makes my life empty and incapable of being continued. My love for you has never receded. Although not around, you are still entrenched in my heart.

You endear me to the Messenger of Allah (PBUH), his family and all his Companions. With you, I am re-connected to remember the messengers, prophets, saints of Allah and all the righteous peoples. In the past, I never took notice of the community of the faithful, the Muslims – both still alive or who have passed away, all of whom are my brothers and sisters in Islam.

But Aurad Muhammadiah has revived such a spiritual and mental relationship, until I am motivated take responsibility to pray for them and offer the reward to them. By virtue of Aurad Muhammadiah, I now very much appreciate my long-forgotten parents with prayers and offers of recitation of the Aurad to them.

None of my many teachers has the capacity matching that of the Aurad Muhammadiah, that of believing in the existence of the Prince of Bani Tamim and Imam al-Mahdi, 2 figures promised by Allah and His Messenger to revive the glory of Islam globally near the end of time.

As Muslims, they should be yearning and hoping for the history to be repeated in their hands. Furthermore, present-day Muslims have almost lost everything. It is of utmost importance that the fulfillment of God’s promise is vied for, and preparations be made for the advent of the saviours.

Aurad Muhammadiah is the spiritual line communicating my heart with Imam al-Mahdi and the Prince of Bani Tamim – the global saviour being reserved by God for Muslims near the end of time.

Such is your greatness, Aurad Muhammadiah. That is just the introduction to a journey with you. A very interesting start, O Aurad Muhammadiah. How gainful it is living with you, acquiring something which the world is incapable of giving. My soul gets a friend and the sought-after happiness.

The journey continues:
Meaning: In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Praise be to Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the Worlds. Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Master of the Day of Judgment. Thee do we worship, and Thine aid we seek. Show us the Straight Way. The way of those on whom Thou has bestowed Thy Grace, Those whose portion is not wrath. And who go not astray.
(Surah Al Fatihah – The Opening).
The first verse of the Aurad Muhammadiah is ‘Al Fatihah’, the mother of the Quran. A love letter from God which, if comprehended, will make humans love God dearly.

Meaning: I bear witness that there is no God but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. Abu Bakr who strongly verifies the truth of Islam, Umar who distinguishes between the good and evil, Uthman who is very obedient to God the Most Merciful, Ali who bolsters the religion, Muhammad the Imam al-Mahdi, all of them are the caliphs of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH).

The second verse is remembrances of the twin testimonies of the faith, of the Rightly Guided Caliphs and of Imam al-Mahdi. The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) has promised that whosoever mentions the names of pious peoples, will be granted bounties from Allah. By your virtue, Aurad Muhammadiah, you list the names of Allah and His Messenger and the main team which was strove most industriously in the struggle for Allah and His Messenger. How serene is the heart in being given the opportunity, 5 times a day, reminisce Allah, His Messenger, Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, Ali and Imam al-Mahdi.

They are taken as the place to refer, to tell problems, to pronounce love and fear, and to promise to follow in the paths of the mentioned figures. It is a very strong basis. Aurad Muhammadiah, you are truly entertaining.

Meaning: In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Now hath come unto you, A Messenger from amongst yourselves. It grieves him, that ye should suffer. Ardently anxious is he, over you, to the Believers, is he the most kind and merciful. But if they turn away, say, “Allah sufficeth me, there is no God but He, On Him my trust, He is the Lord of the Throne, Supreme.”
(Surah Al Tawbah - Repentance: 128-129)

The third verse deepens the love for Allah and His Messenger. The heart is emptied from love for others. Full hope is given to them. No fear of other than Allah exists.

Meaning: In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. There is no God but Thou, Glory to Thee, I was indeed wrong.
(Surah Al Anbiya – The Prophets: 87)

The fourth verse: Towards the very Good and Great God, and His Messenger, I feel my insolence in facing them. How unjust of a servant, being nonchalant of the supreme Love from Allah the Most Amiable.

Meaning: In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Say, He is Allah, The One. Allah, the Eternal, Absolute. He begetteth not, nor is He begotten. And there is none, Like unto Him.
(Surah Al Ikhlas - Purity)

The fifth verse: I am spellbound by Allah, who proclaims Himself as the Place to seek help. Aurad Muhammadiah instills total subordination to Allah.

Meaning: In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. When thou dost recite the Quran, We put, between thee and those who, Believe not in the Hereafter, A veil invisible.
(Surah Al Isra’ – Children of Israel: 45)

Deaf, deaf and blind. They are void of wisdom.
(Surah Al Baqarah – The Heifer: 171)
And we have put, a bar in front of them, and a bar behind them, and further, We have covered them up, so that they cannot see.
(Surah Yaa sin – Ya sin: 9)

The sixth verse: Fulfillment of the promise by Allah, that adherents of truth will certainly be protected from their enemies.

Meaning: O Allah, bestow peace and salvation to our master Muhammad, the prophet who need not read or write, and confer peace and salvation also on his family and Companions, to the greatest of numbers that You know, the heaviest of weights that You know, and the fullest extent that You know.

The seventh verse: Statement of utmost gratefulness to the Messenger of Allah (PBUH), his family and Companions, by begging Allah for their peace and salvation. Because of them, Allah provides everything for humankind. Such is how Aurad Muhammadiah connects me to my late Prophet. Love of the Messenger has reflowered.

Meaning: In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. We bestowed Grace aforetime, On David from Us, “O ye Mountains! Echo ye Back the Praises of Allah with Him! And ye birds (Also)! And We made the iron soft for him. (Commanding) “Make thou Coats of mail, balancing well, the rings of chain armour, and work ye righteousness. For be sure I see (clearly) all that ye do. (Surah Saba – The City of Saba’: 10-11)

The final verse: Allah offers the very special prize once granted to the Prophet David, if we are willing to love and fear Him. So awesome is the Aurad Muhammadiah that its ending is becomes so stimulating. Small wonder that Abuya and his followers are zealous of you, Aurad Muhammadiah. You have been buried, yet you remain fresh in our memories! May your Sheikh be honoured by God and his status be raised. Amen, O Allah.

Conclusion: Aurad Muhammadiah is the path leading towards God, with practical, effective and accurate steps, apt to contemporary needs. Sadly, its existence is not allowed in Malaysia.

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