Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

To the honourable and blessed members of the National Fatwa Council,

Firstly, we seek your apologies if this letter contains unintentional mistakes. Bearing witness by Allah and His Messenger, we seek to be given the opportunity to express our hitherto hidden thoughts and feelings regarding the issue ‘Arqam vs. the National Fatwa Council’. We are small, but later we have the responsibility to answer in front of Allah pertaining what had transpired between us. We fear for the punishment of Allah that would befall us if we do not tell the truth of what is in our hearts.

Malaysia has been deluged with an Islamic resurgence which is more conspicuous as compared with other Muslim countries. Malaysians from all walks of life are experiencing individual changes towards Islam, even though they were formerly distant from religion. Allah SWT had destined Abuya Ashaari Muhammad to have a large following, and his congregation to become very influential. This means that the resurgence flows in Abuya’s direction. Until today, his numerous followers have become very committed, and his organization continues to exist despite the many obstacles you gentlemen have placed in front of it.

Allah Taala destined that Abuya won in his battle against you gentlemen and against Mahathir’s government. Witnessing this, we feel responsible to voice out our stance:

The present resurgence of Islam in Malaysia is the resurgence that Allah has promised near the end of time. The end of time, as meant by Allah and prophesized by His Messenger, is closely approaching at the present moment. Two figures prepared by God to lead this resurgence are the Prince of Bani Tamim and the Imam al-Mahdi. As the final Prophet, although he has passed away, the Messenger of Allah lives on spiritually and acts actively as the mastermind of the whole process. Furthermore, there are many Prophetic hadiths about the end of time, and which have become guidelines for Muslims to struggle to realize the promise together with the Prophet.

During this era, one generation after another tries to realize what the Messenger has promised unto them. But until today it has yet to happen. To Abuya, this is a God-given opportunity provided for Malaysian Muslims i.e. the Malays, to actualize the promise.

According to Abuya, the earliest rise of Islam marked the triumph of the Messenger of Allah with his Companions. In this second rise, happening near the end of time, the Messenger of Allah utilizes the Ikhwan by appointing the Imam al-Mahdi as the leader of the Ikhwan and the Prince of Bani Tamim as his principal assistant. They will produce 313 Ikhwan among leaders, while the total Ikhwan altogether numbers 500.

The Messenger of Allah has gifted them with a special tariqah - the Aurad Muhammadiah.
This means that, what has happened in Malaysia Darul Arqam and is taking place at the hands of Rufaqa’ is the schedule of Allah for the end of time. The real leader the Imam al-Mahdi is in occultation but actively plays role behind the curtain. Allah will bring him back to the material world in the manner of the Prophet Jesus (PBUH). Imam al-Mahdi the leader of Darul Arqam or Rufaqa’, viz. Abuya – the principal vizier of Imam al-Mahdi, to construct the foundation of his struggle. This struggle will result in an Islamic state - Malaysia.

The honourable gentlemen,

We believe that afore-mentioned conviction is most worrying to you gentlemen. To save us from Hellfire, you gentlemen acted to ban everything we had stood for. Destroyed thus was an Islamic congregation by the name of Darul Arqam. Abuya and all of us meekly gave cooperation. But deep in our hearts, we say, “If this is the truth promised by Allah, as what we believe in, Allah will certainly protect us. Only Allah’s Might can save it. By human endeavour alone, it would be impossible we are under the ISA and the congregation has been disbanded. How can we possibly bring life to something which is dead?”

But, masya-Allah! It is there for all of us to see that Abuya’s struggle has expanded. Allah has answered that if Abuya’s struggle is promised by Allah, it is Allah who will save it from being consigned to the graveyard. That is what we thought. We believe, even destroyed yet again by anyone else, Allah will surely answer yet again. We believe His congregation will emerge victorious.

The present Malaysian government, under Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the progenitor of the Islam Hadhari state, does not disturb Abuya. Although he knows that Abuya’s struggle is said to be progressing towards an Islamic state, Pak Lah can accept this. He knows that Abuya’s words are the work of Allah or in the Schedule of Allah. It is not Abuya’s schedule. Abuya only narrates what will take place according to hadiths. Imam al-Mahdi, the Prince of Bani Tamim and the Islamic state have been foretold by the Messenger of Allah, not by Abuya. Abuya only carries it on, pursues it and struggles for it. When a Rufaqa’ representative met the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister told him, “My grandfather, my father, believed in Imam al-Mahdi.”

If Allah destines that an Islamic state takes place in Malaysia at the hands of Abuya, Pak Lah certainly can accept it. Pak Lah may probably be proud to be the Prime Minister who together partakes in ensuring the success of the Schedule of Allah. Indeed Pak Lah is a person with Islamic ambitions. Thus he courageously declares Malaysia as an Islam Hadhari state. It is not impossible that Allah chooses him to give way to the Islamic state as mentioned in the hadiths.

Dear diligent gentlemen,

May your efforts be accepted by Allah. Let us consider your differences in opinion with Abuya as a blessing from Allah because The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) had said:

Meaning: “Differences of opinion among my followers is a bounty.”

In other words, when various ideas arise among Muslims, each struggling to implement his or her own beliefs, various benefits will be dispensed to Muslims. Such benefits will be shared. Those who believe in Imam al- Mahdi struggle to welcome him. Those who do not believe in Imam al-Mahdi struggle to uphold Islam in the manner that they understand it. The Messenger of Allah did not ask the Muslims forge disunity and envy among fellow Muslims.

Our Muslim brothers,

We feel need to disseminate this explanatory letter because there are people still confused and have the wrong impression of Arqam, due to the fatwa released. If left as such, we fear for the wrath of Allah for hiding the truth. The truth belongs to Allah, we are asked to spread it to others so that all will have the opportunity to love Allah.

If you gentlemen do not agree with all of these, I beg on behalf of God to bring this matter up for discussion academically, professionally and legally. Let us fear Allah in matters pertaining to His religion. Having once taken action out of politics, enough is enough. Now let us act according to the very just and wise laws of Allah.

Finally, we pray that all our Muslim brothers are united in truth in Malaysia. Nothing is lost if we unite, Allah will surely not disregard our good efforts. Who knows, we will all derive benefits together from all that I have said. Whereas if we continue to argue, what will we gain and have gained all this while? Just look at what has happened to our society? What has happened to our country?

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to give this explanation and permitting this book to be distributed.

With our apologies.

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