The true leader, educated by God Himself, must also be a teacher. The leader in Islam is a savior, who must be able to teach and educate the ummah. A God-fearing ulama is capable of salvaging his community in accordance with his ability that Allah has permitted. This is because there are 2 categories of ulama:

The ulama with the character of a Messenger
The ulama with the character of a Prophet

The categories do not include the ulama suq - the defiler of ummah. The people become corrupt under their leadership. Today’s leaders of the Muslim world can only lead, but they cannot transmit knowledge and education. Even if there are advisors among the ulama, they are not able to educate the ummah.

So when Abuya appears with the ability to lead, teach and educate concomitantly, it is no mean achievement. In fact it is the most marvelous and greatest gift from Allah to this epoch. In his hands, two coveted developments will take place: development of the Hereafter and development of the world.

The congregation exhibited to society is really different from the others. Although small, its quality challenges the world-oriented development performed by present leaders.

How wonderful is the worldly development blended with Abuya’s development of the Hereafter. Abuya’s organization today possesses nearly 700 business networks. This is the result of his leadership. In the fields of knowledge and education, Abuya has produced thousands of published poems, lectures and books, which are widely available among domestic and overseas societies.

Whoever reads the thoughts of Abuya, even the non-Muslims, will be spellbound and shed tears of awareness. The truth that Abuya expounds is very beautiful, able to attract the heart of every soul. Hatred exists only due to inner inability in fighting off ill-will. Even the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) - purveyor of an even greater truth, saviour of humankind and performer of divine miracles, was rejected by the spiteful people. What is then so strange about a similar fate befalling Abuya?

When Abuya’s leadership and guidance of the ummah becomes pronounced, Abuya has qualified to become the father of the Muslim ummah. For instance, a father who has succeeded in leading and educating together his household, is bestowed the honorific title of an ‘exemplary father’.
Abuya was born with a heart very much concerned with the salvation of humankind and worried about mishaps that may befall them. Hence he is willing to take any form of risks and to sacrifice everything in terms of time, energy and property in order to see his dreams and desires come true.

A father who wants to see his son succeeding and fears for their failure will do anything for the success. Until today, seemingly basking in his prosperity, Abuya has yet to own a private house, a car and personal property. Everything is sacrificed in his struggle to become the father of humankind. Try to find anyone on earth as peculiar as Abuya.

It is therefore not strange that Abuya’s followers are crazy of Abuya more than fans idolize artists and film stars. Abuya has given them more than what the artists and entertainment stars contributed. Abuya gives God and faith to humans. Both are very entertaining and salvaging, not only for this world but most importantly from Hellfire.

In giving faith to humans, Abuya was one of the earliest people to fly to Uzbekistan immediately upon being liberated from the Russians. There, Abuya searched everywhere and for whomsoever to be re-taught the testimonies of faith. Abuya visited public figures to persuade them towards God, insisting that all were done to seek the promise of the hadith, that near the end of time, Islam in Khurasan will rise again together with the East.

Picking up people from the whole of Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak, then advancing to Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, reaching Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, the whole of Europe, the USA, the entire Middle East, Turkey and ¾ of the world, is a vocation to which Abuya has dedicated his entire life. No wonder every follower calls him ‘Abuya’ (father). They consider Abuya as savior of their lives. If the Companions had felt that the Messenger of Allah was their parent by virtue of the salvaging task performed by him, so the present ummah also feel likewise regarding inheritors of the prophetic tradition.

Another extraordinary record held by Abuya in his mission to become a saviour and a wise missionary, was when he was arrested by the police for detention under the ISA. The opportunity in presented during his apprehension and restrictive detention was fully utilized to propagate the truth via his exemplary attitude and speech. Consequently Abuya gained a lot of sympathizers from among security officials.

Abuya’s friendly personality, helpfulness and truthfulness endear him to many. Despite displaying the multiple characters of a leader, teacher, a mother, a father and an ulama, Abuya really possesses the character of being a friend. Leaders in general, especially religious teachers, are not good in making friends, but Abuya is able to humble himself to entertain his followers and supporters as friends. Abuya loves to treat them, strolling and eating with them and making them happy.

Hence Abuya is not only respected but is also loved. All of his wives, children, families, followers, and sympathizers, love Abuya very much. For Abuya is able to situate himself in the best place to play his role.

Abuya is also very serious in his struggle, meaning that Abuya also has the character of a fighter. From the age of 20 until today, approaching 70, Abuya strenuously struggles for the truth. Struggling means striving to create an alternative system. As courageous as he is, he seemingly tells the authorities, “The political, cultural, social, educational, family, health and other systems in this country are wrong. Thus I boycott all of them and I devise a new system in my congregation. Hopefully this model is acceptable and useable throughout the country.”
Hence Abuya was accused of creating a system within a system, creating a state within a state. His expanding influence was deemed dangerous, so the system was demolished.

Another daring effort by Abuya was his persistent struggle during the ISA detention to enliven that system. He succeeded in convincing the police that his system was not dangerous. Another miraculous record was therefore created, that from within the shackles of the ISA, Rufaqa’ brings to life an Islamic system far better in quality than what was previously destroyed.
In his struggle, Abuya knows no fear and no deterrence. He strives no matter how difficult a task is, even if it is comparable to the shifting of a mountain. His desire is as hard as steel. His ambition will be proven whatever risk it takes. Yet Abuya is a gentle person. Such a personality is such, in the name of Islam, is unusual. It is extraordinary and miraculous. To Allah and His-Messenger, it has been uttered since 1500 years ago:

Meaning: One day his Companions saw tears rolling down the cheeks of The Messenger of Allah and asked, “Why are you crying, O the Messenger of Allah?”

The Messenger of Allah answered, “I miss my Ikhwan.”
Shocked, the Companions asked, “Are we not your Ikhwan?”
“No,” replied the Messenger of Allah. “You are indeed my Companions, whereas the Ikhwan are from the Muslim ummah near the end of time, who come after me, do not meet me but has faith in me.”

Abuya’s peculiar personality emanates from a heart that passionately loves Allah and His Messenger. Abuya possesses the heart of an Ikhwan. And he has begotten the Ikhwan congregation whose characteristics had been mentioned by the Messenger of Allah, for instance that they are like siblings sired from the same parents. They become worshipping devotees of God at night and but emerge as become lions by day.

At present, Abuya has already 10 people, other than himself, who possess the characteristics of Ikhwan. Only the Prince of Bani Tamim is able to produce the Ikhwan to be handed over to Imam al-Mahdi, says Abuya. The total number of Ikhwan is 500. They are the leaders, teachers, parents, friends, fighters and ulama who will save the world together with Imam al-Mahdi, in the mission to effect the second rise of Islam by Allah and his Messenger near the end of time.

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