You will be wondering, how miraculous this creation of God called Abuya is. Abuya has said, the most miraculous of God’s creations is the person with the greatest taqwa, namely the Messenger of Allah (PBUH). The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) is the most amazing creation of God when compared to other creations, in terms especially of his heart or spirit. His heart is unlike other hearts, because:

1. It is able to receive divine revelation
2. When he is hurt, he pardons and prays for the offender
3. When cruelty is inflicted on him, he reciprocates with goodness
4. Despite being guaranteed Paradise, he maintains frequent prayers to Allah at night.
5. When faced with difficulties, he submits to God and fears God.
6. When granted pleasure, he feels ashamed and is afraid of God
7. He takes poverty with ease but is anxious of luxury
8. He does not keep food at night
9. He has the courage to walk in front of enemies alone
10. He does not kill in the battlefield

So Abuya is actually, for this age, the most miraculous creation in this world because:
He is not highly educated, but has extensive knowledge due to the ability of his heart to intuitively acquire knowledge from Allah.
His actions, strategies, steps taken to face enemies and material development are carried out based on or using the capital of taqwa, that is by correcting oneself. All these are attributed to his spiritual wisdom and not his intellect per se.
He neither reacts negatively nor fights back in response to the evil harm done against him. On the contrary, he cooperates with the transgressors and repays them with kindness.
He is extremely patient and submits wholly to God for all the sufferings that befall him.
He renounces individual wealth, so that he can develop prosperity for his congregation, community and religion.
He is exceedingly intelligent in replying to questions raised to him. Unlike other religious teachers, he thinks and speaks about all aspects of life in society.
He avoids borrowing and dislikes followers who take loans. His provision comes from unanticipated sources, as it is promised by Allah.

Behind the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) is Gabriel who always comes to convey revelations from Allah. Likewise, Abuya is visited by the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) to teach him how to face issues concerning the struggle. Muhammad ibnu Abdullah, the Imam al-Mahdi, also visits him spiritually to give knowledge which equips the congregation. He experiences both of these visits in 3 ways :
He is endowed with a strong instinct to act.
Knowledge is transmitted to his heart. His speech comes not from his mind but from his heart, from where he learns.

He communicates, in a state of consciousness, with the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) and Imam al-Mahdi. The outcome is more progress registered in the congregation, both spiritually and materially. This proves that the devil is not the medium of such communication, as accused. How is it possible for the devil to bring people to Allah?

Once, a syeikh in Jordon, Syeikh Abu Mush’ab requested Abuya to visit him at to his house (Abuya was staying in Jordan then), where he showed Abuya his notebook. Mentioned in it is the impending arrival of Ashaari bin Muhammad, standard bearer of the Islamic resurgence in the East, to Jordan. The message comes from the two figures by the name of Muhammad bin Abdullah, viz. the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) and Imam al-Mahdi.

Syeikh Abdussalam Al-Harras, from Morocco, told Abuya in Morocco in 1986, “Why have you come here? Islamic resurgence originates from your place. The evidence is that you have brought Islam here.” Such were the words of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) to him before Abuya arrived at his house in 1986.

Syeikh Abdul Nasir, from Mecca, visited Abuya in Malaysia in 1996. He told of how the people of Imam al-Mahdi were working hard to prepare for his arrival, and that Abuya was Imam al-Mahdi’s figure in the East. The message, he said, was conveyed to him by the Messenger of Allah (PBUH). It was narrated by Dr. Mahmood Al Marglani from Medina (now Abuya’s son-in-law), that one day his syeikh (Syeikh Abdul Nasir) persuaded him to accompany the syeikh for his first ever visit to Malaysia. Upon arrival at the Kuala Lumpur airport, they were unsure of where to go, so they stayed at an apartment near the Tabung Haji complex in Kuala Lumpur.
The next day, Dr Mahmud went to the market and found a taxi driver who told him about Abuya. When his syeikh knew of the encounter, Dr. Mahmood was instructed to meet Abuya. Difficult as it was to meet Abuya who was under ISA’s restricted residence requirements, Allah SWT allowed them to meet in the end. After the discussions with Abuya, Dr Mahmud disclosed that according to his syeikh, whatever had happened was all planned by the Messenger of Allah (PBUH). “I bring message from the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) to Abuya,” said Syeikh Abdul Nasir.

Another sufi syeikh from Iraq, Syeikh Abdul Jabbar, is known to Abuya only through intuitive inspiration from The M Msenger of Allah (PBUH). He is said to another strongman of Imam al-Mahdi who will together participate in the Islamic resurgence near the end of time.

So Abuya then sent his representatives to Iraq although Iraq was in a state of war. During Iraq Fair, during which Malaysians were among those invited to Baghdad to participate, Abuya’s emissaries, under the banner of Rufaqa’, managed to arrive at Syeikh Abdul Jabbar’s house. It was quite a long distance to his place, in addition, war conditions were worrying. The eventual success of the mission left the representatives in a state of utter gratefulness to God.

In the meeting, even before the representatives could say anything, Syeikh Abdul Jabbar told them, “Your success in coming here is the result of my discussion with Malaysian Syeikh (Abuya).”

Abuya’s struggle is indeed miraculous. All sorts of exceptional incidents involving the spiritual world take place. Abuya has mentioned that a struggle which is devoid of spiritual help, is not a genuine Islamic struggle. Some further examples may help to prove this.

In 1985, when Abuya was staying in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, we were suddenly told of a threat against Abuya from certain quarters that were disturbed by the growing influence of Abuya. We hurriedly left for Singapore and continued our journey to Amman, the capital of Jordan.

That was the early event preceding Abuya’s prolonged sojourn overseas, and explains why he did not return to Malaysia for seven years. Whenever his international passport expired, he secretly entered Malaysia to renew it. On certain occasions, Abuya travelled at night for security reasons.

After only one day in Amman, Jordan, Abuya received a message from his representative in Amman, saying that an Arab man was searching for Abuya. So a meeting was arranged. Five Arabic men dressed in ulama-style attire introduced themselves as the Muntazirun group. Without first introducing their individual names, they directly asked Abuya, “Do you believe in Imam al-Mahdi?” Nodding, Abuya expressed agreement that he believed in Imam al-Mahdi. In fact, it is such strong belief that has made for Abuya many enemies in his own country. He left the country after the Imam al-Mahdi issue, on which he was accused of deviation.

The second question greatly surprised Abuya, “Do you know on this Imam al-Mahdi issue, there any corroborating evidence in the Al Quran?” Abuya was shocked because as far as Abuya knew, evidence about Imam al-Mahdi is only found in the Hadith, not in Al Quran! Abuya’s heart ticked, is this another trap for Abuya relating to the Imam al-Mahdi issue? Rejected by people in his own country, would he now be trapped in Jordan this way? While Abuya was thinking hard how to answer, the group leader suddenly asked, “You knew that Al Quran has illustrated how Prophet Moses’s mother was intuitively guided, via a feeling dropped into her heart, to float his baby in an enclosed box down the Nile River. That was the only way she felt could save him from being killed by the Pharaoh. Indeed, he was saved. If her intuition had been first discussed with her family, many would surely disagree as it was impossible that the box and its contents could survive in the large river.

The leader of Muntazirun group continued, leaving Abuya gaping, “What is now in our heart about Imam al-Mahdi, is the feeling that Allah has gifted to Prophet Moses’s mother. You are very convinced in Imam al-Mahdi, you exposed him believing you will be safe. Today, everybody knows that it is very dangerous for someone to fight for Imam al-Mahdi as what you are presently doing. The Jews are willing to kill whoever declares himself as Imam al-Mahdi, even the shadow of Imam al-Mahdi will be extinguished. This means that the fighters of Imam al-Mahdi are not safe.”

That Syeikh continued, “Such intuition, if given to a prophet and a Messenger, is called divine revelation. When given to a person who is neither a prophet nor a Messenger, such as Prophet Moses’s mother and what you are experiencing now, it is known as inspiration. It is a strong feeling that shuts the mind from thinking and compels you to act.” Abuya was stunned at his description of the evidence about Imam al-Mahdi in the Al Quran.

The last question that Abuya was asked that day was, “Have you met Imam al-Mahdi?” Feeling difficult to answer that question, Abuya lowered his head for quite some time. In the end Abuya answered, “That is my secret.”

The Muntazirun smiled and said, “We understand!” The meeting ended at that note. The next day, through a Darul Arqam representative at that time, Syeikh Abu Mush’ab invited Abuya to his house. The relationship has become close and family-like until now. He is the one mentioned above as having received the message from the Messenger of Allah and Imam al-Mahdi about Abuya.

I have ever asked Abuya regarding his belief about Imam al-Mahdi, at the time when he was enduring the hardship of travelling in Arab countries. I asked, “Why can’t we negotiate with the government regarding the matter of Imam al-Mahdi? Is it not only a permissible difference of opinion? In defending it, we are forced to part with our family, country and culture.”

Abuya reacted angrily, “A great leader is coming, and you expect me to keep quiet?” Such is Abuya’s intense feeling towards Imam al-Mahdi.

It is true that until today, despite Abuya being barred in the ISA, his congregation being destroyed and proclaimed as deviationist by the country, Abuya was able to manoeuvre himself out of all these and he still steers his movement. Abuya is safely back at the helm of matters. Not few Malaysians are startled by what has transpired? Many have thought, if Abuya has managed to withstand such twists and turns in his struggle, Abuya certainly has a future.

True enough! Behind Abuya are the two Muhammad bin Abdullahs. First, the Messenger of Allah (PBUH). Second, Imam al-Mahdi. Both of them are in a condition of material non-existence, but both are alive in the spiritual world. In fact, Imam al-Mahdi will re-appear in this world in the manner the Prophet Jesus (PBUH).

Both of them told Abuya that was it not for their help, God willing, Abuya’s would have found its own graveyard even before the ISA arrests, that is when he was away abroad. Which fighter for truth can return to his country with pride, having been sent into exile? He was extradited in alarming circumstances. Others, consigned to a similar fate, will not only be unable to open one Arqam branch after another in foreign countries, but to work in a restaurant will also be difficult.

Similarly, has there been a fighter who, despite his movement twice being the victim of the ISA, continues to wage his struggle, in fact expanding its size? Other causes have found their demise at the hands of the ISA, including the communist struggle. At a time when Abuya was struck by severe illness, his struggle is being increasingly accepted by his fellow countrymen. This would not have happened if not backed by Allah through His two beloved Muhammad bin Abdullahs.

The second one plays a similar role in Abuya’s struggle to the role played by Gabriel and its fellow angels in the struggle of the first Muhammad bin Abdullah - the Messenger of Allah (PBUH).

Muslims ought to equip themselves with knowledge of events near the end of time. But the Jews have corrupted the Islamic education system, so Muslims have been bred with a despise for such treasures. Instead the Jews are very knowledgeable regarding signs of imminent events towards the end of time in the Hadith and Al Quran. Jews know that they will perish at the hands of Muslims coming from the East. Therefore, they are willing to engage in a murderous spree of Muslims in their effort to change the face of Western Asia.

Muslims worldwide demonstrate in anger against the Jews, who know very well that they cannot be defeated in such a way. Only when there is a group of Muslims with taqwa, will Allah punish the damned enemies.

Abuya urges, let us pray that Allah quickens the advent of Imam al-Mahdi, as only he is the competent leader, qualified by Allah, to overcome enormous problems of the world that have so humiliated present-day Muslims. Other leaders have become the pawns of Jews.
O Allah, The Great Saviour, from You comes salvation, send us the saviour for the salvation of this world.


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