Allah SWT has destined Abuya to become the leader of an Islamic congregation that has extensive influence locally and abroad.

Today, when all other leaders in Malaysia are being forgotten, Abuya and his congregation are gaining special attention from local and foreign observers, from among both ordinary citizens and national statesmen.

His evident leadership capabilities qualify him to be called a mujaddid (centennial Islamic reformer), such that he is envied by many other Islamic leaders. His ability to promote Imam al-Mahdi qualifies him to be called Al Fata at Tamimi, because according to hadiths, the person with the greatest knowledge of Imam al-Mahdi is the true Al Fata at Tamimi. One who promotes Imam al-Mahdi but has little knowledge and information about him cannot possibly be the real Al Fata at Tamimi. Subsequently, when the changes in the direction of the futuristic news conveyed by him, raises the feasibility of his being conferred the title Sohibuz Zaman (Master of the Epoch). He emerges as the King of the Hereafter - the most miraculous of God’s creations of his time.

Below are listed down one hundred miraculous attributes of him that I have identified. All these stem out from the intuition that Allah has endowed him with. His intuitive thoughts are his greatest miracle - the basis upon which he becomes what he is today. Abuya says, every mujaddid is monitored by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) since his conception in his mother’s womb. Al Fata at Tamimi ranks the highest of all mujaddids and is closest to the Messenger of Allah. Apart from this, his special attributes are:

Abuya is an exemplary husband and father in a polygamous marriage.
Abuya is a model father and grandfather.
Abuya is a teacher and lecturer with vast knowledge in Sufism and pragmatic Islamic struggle.
Abuya is a prolific writer of books, poems and adages.
Abuya has produced followers disciplined enough to simultaneously become devoted worshippers and upholders of progress in the world and the Hereafter.
Abuya returns all transgressors to the path of Allah.
Abuya is the initiator of an Islamic congregation of international stature.
Abuya is the first Malay to pioneer the setting-up of Islamic businesses without relying on bank loans.
Abuya is an effective Islamic da’wah worker whose approach stresses love and care, at the time when many others exploit militancy and politics in their fight for Islam.
Abuya is a counsel-educator who has saved many broken families.
Abuya elevates Muslim women to strive for and practice Islam without transgressing the laws of Islam and the rules of modesty and female chastity.
Abuya educates wives to obey their husbands, and respect them as heads of families.
Abuya has transformed the Malays into performers of the daily prayers in the early hours of the designated prayer time.
Abuya is the main figure responsible for popularizing the culture of covering the awrah (body parts which are forbidden from being publicly exposed) among Muslim women in Malaysia, Indonesia and Asia.
Abuya empowers his male followers with the capacity to wear headgear when they go out of their houses. In Islam, it is a transgression for men not to cover their heads outside.
Abuya constantly puts on the turban and rida’ (a shawl placed over the shoulder) and sports a beard.
Abuya introduces Islamic entertainment which, instead of distracting attention, actually inspires awareness of God.
Abuya revives the belief in the Day of Judgment and the Field of Mahsyar, such that humans prepare themselves for the Day.
Abuya revives the constant performance of congregational prayers.
Abuya inculcates a cooperative lifestyle, the feeling of togetherness, the spirit of mutual help and camaraderie among members of his congregation.
Abuya convinces uncertain and sceptical Muslims about Imam al-Mahdi. Some may have heard about Imam al-Mahdi during their childhood, but they had forgotten about him or become confused.
Abuya instils the feeling of remorse (over their wrongdoings) among his followers.
Abuya teaches people to fear and love God.
Abuya implants in his followers persistent repentance, even after they have performed prayers or other acts of worship.
Abuya teaches humility to his followers, who are thereby willing to forgive and apologize to others.
Abuya teaches his followers to always pray for one another.
Abuya teaches polygamous wives to be patient, tolerant and caring among each other.
Abuya produces those who strive to set up shops and projects without borrowing money, but instead depend on taqwa towards God as capital.
Abuya promotes new words into the world of Islamic struggle such as mahmudah (good traits), mazmumah (evil traits), mujahadah (overcoming evil traits), istiqamah (constancy), jama’ah (congregation), wirid (religious chants); and also new concepts such as the atonement of sins, correction of oneself, promotion of God as the capital, Zikir Agung (the Supreme Remembrance), kuat jiwa (strong-hearted), leader with characters of a Messenger and a prophet, the promised struggle and others.
Abuya brings his children and his followers’ children into the realm of Islamic struggle, Islamic practices and God-consciousness from their early years. Many Muslim activists fail to bring along their wives and children in their struggle.
Abuya revives the system of restrictive communication between the genders. They do interact with each other, but in a controlled and safe manner.
Abuya creates a group of entertainers in his congregation, comprised of artistes, actors, dancers, film and theatre directors, camera and PA system experts, musicians and other crews, but their lifestyle adheres to the laws of Islam.
Abuya trains his followers to be constant observers of night vigil – praying and lamenting over their sins and evil traits such as envy, bad temper, arrogance, stinginess and others.
Abuya instills patriotism and total submission (to Allah) into the hearts of his followers so as to ensure that the pursuit of the struggle is based purely on the Islamic cause, not the Malay cause.
Abuya successfully frees his followers’ spirit from being money-orientated in life, by instilling total faith in God, the Most Providing.
Abuya produces students for whom their eternal lives the Hereafter are a priority over the mortal world.
Abuya successfully converts his female followers from fearing polygamy to accepting it. In fact, all his daughters practice polygamy.
Abuya teaches his children from various wives to be loving among themselves, and respectful towards their stepmothers.
Abuya convinces his Malay-majority followers that living independently is better and more honourable than being wage earners.
Abuya revives those who have neglected their religion to become devout practitioners of the religion.
Abuya purifies Islam from all secular concepts, returning it into a wholly God-oriented conviction.
Abuya cleanses from the hearts of his followers the belief that practicing Islam is better without adopting any school of thought (as taught by the Wahhabi sect). He fills them with denomination-based teachings, thus re-activating their hearts. Wahhabi teachings had wiped out the souls of Islam and its theology.
Abuya protects his followers from the Shiite influence. Abuya defends the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his family and companions in front of his followers. They are raised to the loftiest position and revered in the minds and hearts of his followers. Abuya wipes out any prejudices against them.
Abuya says that Allah cannot be forgotten even for an instant. Abuya practices such God-consciousness and trains his students likewise.
Abuya teaches that the daily prayers are the greatest act of worship capable of building noble attributes. He guides them spiritually so they can understand their prayers and perform them in total devotion. Many of his followers have changed from their previously negative characters.
Abuya introduces the Supreme Zikr (chants) capable of generating the Ikhwan and Asoib ethnic categories. Abuya gives courses to his followers in its theory, practice and intensive training, including in them various kinds of assignments so as to elevate his mostly Malay followers from sluggish into striving and devoted Malays, with the help of Allah SWT. These new Malays, says Abuya, are capable of salvaging the world, balancing the world and the Hereafter, and saving the Al-Aqsa Mosque.
Abuya transforms bad-mannered children into kids who help, respect and serve their parents.
Abuya changes ill-tempered mothers into mothers who are patient of and loving towards their hopeful children.
Abuya rescues wild teenagers gripped in smoking, girlfriends, amoral dressing, rudeness towards teachers and parents, drug abuse, alcohol and all other damaging and devilish practices; by inculcating faith in God in their hearts.
Abuya rectifies the distorted system of belief and emotion among humans. The way they think, believe and feel have gone astray, whereby they see pleasures and find false happiness in worldly pleasures. Hence Abuya corrects their spiritual vision so that they see that Allah is everything and living for Allah is happiness. After practicing his system, people discover its veracity.
Abuya has almost 1000 motivators of various levels – children, teenagers and adults – to relate his mind and thoughts to the whole world.
Abuya has many grandchildren, just too many for him to remember all their names, but oddly, all of them love and respect him dearly. This is because Abuya teaches from his intellect and soul. He seeks Allah’s help to bond their hearts together. Thus, it is the power of Allah that sparks love and reverence towards their grandfather.
Abuya divides humankind into two groups; ‘people of the intellect’ and ‘people of the soul’. Philosophers are the leaders of the former group. The prophets and Messengers of God are leaders of the latter group. Abuya strives to bring people into the second group, because according to him, ‘people of the intellect’ are not guaranteed salvation in the Hereafter.
Abuya is an example of a ‘person of soul’. His soul is very active, especially when his body is down with physical ailments, or is in detention (under restriction order). Evidence that his soul is active under such conditions can be seen in the results of his struggle. When he was overseas and could not return to Malaysia to meet his followers, his congregation nevertheless continued to expand. After he was detained (under the ISA) and his congregation banned, his followers eventually came together again and revived the congregation (only under a different name). It was during his severe illness that his congregation gained widespread popularity.
Abuya is an ardent devotee, as is visible in his consistent observance of prayers, always performed promptly on time and in congregation throughout his entire life. Night vigil prayers are also avidly observed.
Abuya is a truly God-fearing ulama. His has the exceptional bravery to renounce all other secular systems of life, in the political, social, economic, artistic and cultural, medical, administration and educational fields, and to replace them with his own Islamic systems as developed in his congregation. In doing so, he has to face the government’s anger. But Abuya is willing to risk anything for the sake of protecting Allah’s rights and avoiding His wrath.
Abuya is greatly opposed by the official ulama, for he never sees eye to eye with them. They accuse him of being devious, devilish, ignorant, etc., but miraculously, Abuya’s influence magnifies and his struggle becomes more acceptable both locally and abroad.
Abuya has a golden tongue. His struggle is blessed. His words are easily followed by others. His actions are easily acceptable. Hence he is respected by friends and foes alike. Obstacles are safely overcome. The secret is that Abuya relies more on spiritual strength in all his undertakings, not only on his mental and physical faculties, thus opening the avenue for Allah’s and His unseen forces’ assistance. So he wins over people’s minds, physique and hearts.
Abuya makes his followers maintain feelings of insecurity, uncertainty and helplessness, though they may have given everything in their efforts and sacrifice. Only Allah is secure, certain and able.
Abuya succeeds in producing those who constantly lamenting for their fate in the Hereafter, especially after performing their prayers.
Abuya produces doctors from among his followers who are capable of treating common and rare ailments that cannot be treated by ordinary doctors.
Abuya produces successful entrepreneurs from among his followers, who are at par with corporate figures bred in the secular system.
Even during ill health, Abuya can attain many new achievements for himself and his struggle. He can read a person more accurately with intuition. His knowledge and ideas become more refined. His strategies become more global, making his enemies regret in vain. He also gains more followers of various ranks, while the authorities become more pliable.
From his educational system, Abuya produces popular authors, script writers, composers, novelists and journalists, acknowledged both locally and abroad. They become producers, publishers and dealers of various printed media products. These are in turn translated into various national languages, all carrying the message of Allah.
Abuya also has studios with all their audio, video and multi-media equipments that produce various electronic products to help convey his message to the whole world. All of those involved in this sector are purely taught and trained by Abuya. While their expertise is originally derived from the conventional technological system, but their skills are sharpened when they acquire blessings from Allah SWT, as a result of implementing Abuya’s system of taqwa.
Abuya was once known as a manufacturer of Islamic halal food such as vermicelli, chili sauce, soya sauce and bean-curd. Of course Abuya did not produce all these with his own hands; but they were produced by his followers under his guidance and supervision. Abuya is now re-establishing his production plants which were once forcibly closed down.
Abuya talks about the great future of Malays. No Malay leader has ever come about with such an optimistic vision. He says that Malays will become like Arabs during their supremacy. They will become an empire to replace the declining West. Malays will defeat the Americans and Jews, dominate the Arab nations, conquer Palestine and regain Al Aqsa Mosque. Malays will also be the caretakers of the Haramayn.
Abuya impoverishes his family and his personal self to enrich his congregation. But they still live comfortable lives on the prosperity of Allah SWT. Allah will provide everything that is needed, material or otherwise, as long as one is willing to make correct oneself. People say that Abuya is wealthy. Yes, but with an unprecedented kind of wealth. The congregation is rich, but its members are poor. Such a state of affairs is intended to ensure that His servants succeed in this world and also gain salvation in the Hereafter.
Abuya possesses a character which accepts both trials and bounties with a neutral disposition. They do not affect him whatsoever, for both are from Allah. Such attitude goes to prove that Abuya possesses noble traits that are unequalled by anyone.
Abuya prays for his enemies. He treats those who hurt him with kindness. He endeavours to bring everyone to salvation, friends and foes alike.
Abuya will not attack anyone in his lectures. His words are to bring people to repentance and penitence. No matter how bad is one of his audience, one will not be degraded in Abuya’s session. Everyone is given the chance to be taught, guided and loved. Abuya is therefore respected even by his enemies.
Abuya neither answers libelous allegations nor does he attack his slanderer. He overcomes such attacks correcting himself, for Allah will then protect him, as has always happened.
Abuya neither pampers his children nor lets them live in luxury. “Both will only spoil them”, says Abuya. Thus, his children live like any other poor children or orphans do, not even in their father’s house, but in hostels. They are given spiritual enrichment instead to help them reach Allah SWT. Allah is All that one needs to survive in this world.
Abuya’s schools and training centres produce youths who gain both the world and the Hereafter. They read the Quran, perform the prayers, and observe various chants and other acts of worship ardently, while they simultaneously undergo skills training. They graduate from these institutions to become God-fearing entrepreneurs.
Abuya manages to revive barren plots of land at a time when Malays no longer know how cultivate them. Abuya’s students, as a result of having been given God and taqwa as their capital and despite refusing any loans, have restored long-abandoned agricultural activities on such lands.
Abuya also revives abandoned fish ponds, shut down by loss-making Malay enterprises. Abuya has proven that with taqwa, Malays can re-establish moribund enterprises without anyone’s help. Such an achievement has taken official agricultural agencies in Malaysia by surprise.
Abuya also revives neglected livestock farms and slaughterhouses. Abuya’s education system truly proves that it can recuperate the Malay spirit of industry. Despite forsaking money as capital, Abuya’s projects develop. Money will come, even from unknown and unexpected sources, when the project undertaker has faith and taqwa in Allah. Allah will provide them with the necessary. This has always been Abuya’s policy, and it has now been proven by Abuya’s ownership of herds of goats, cattle and buffalos, reared on the sites of the abandoned projects. Abuya’s followers, due to their relentless effort in cleansing their hearts and enriching their souls, become naturally apt in such activities, without having to take up any courses. In fact, other people come to learn from them.
Abuya is remarkably patient and humble. He is willing to teach and care for his errant students for as long as it takes. He is not hasty in prescribing punishments. But after a certain period, Abuya can be very firm in punishing them (to make them realize their mistakes and wrongdoings).
Abuya knows and adores Allah dearly. His whole life is devoted to Him, his Supreme Love. His words, writings and actions regarding Allah SWT go very deep, far beyond the normal faculties of humankind. Among his words are:
“We both love one another
Let it be everlasting, O Allah”.
Abuya also says:
“How can I ever forget Thee, O Allah”.
He asks his followers to travel the whole world to promote Allah SWT.
Abuya never gets himself into debt, and discourages his followers from owing money to anybody. Those who fail to clear their debts are regarded as considered failures. Clearing debts, according to Abuya, is by spiritually correcting oneself.
Abuya treats his ailments as atonement for his sins. Sickness is a sign of God’s love and care. Hence Abuya remains calm despite having to endure severe pain. Amidst his ailing condition, he continues to write and carry out tasks in the cause of the struggle.
Abuya often solves crises among spouses and household members, within parties or congregations, during functions involving different political groups such as Keadilan, UMNO, PAS and DAP. In Abuya’s presence, they make peace with each other, albeit a short-lived one. Together, they listen to Abuya’s views and opinions on various subjects.
Abuya had received visits by prominent foreign figures such as Gus Dur and several military generals from Indonesia, representatives from Thailand’s royal palace, and ministers from Jordan. Other guests are from among politicians, government officers, corporate figures, Islamic bodies, singers, actors and actresses, writers, non-Muslim figures and others.
Abuya is sought out by people from all walks of life, both local and foreign. Abuya continuously receives guests even whilst under ISA detention. They come from the Middle East, Europe, Australia, United States, China, the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, India, Pakistan, Brunei and Malaysia itself.
Abuya has converted many non-believers into Islam. Starting from his da’wah in Sabah and Sarawak, he continued the mission to Thailand, China, the Philippines and Uzbekistan.
Abuya’s family becomes the basis and model family of his struggle, when his wives and children become important figures in his congregation. This seldom occurs to Islamic leaders.
Abuya could competently sing Islamic nasyeeds (songs) with his mellow and husky voice. He was once a recognized public reader of the Quran. Small wonder that his children inherit his appealing voice.
Abuya has saved a bus company, Regal Travel, from bankruptcy. Regal Travel is now owned by Rufaqa’ Corporation.
Abuya has developed his centre of activities from the level of a sub-standard settlement at Sungai Penchala, to that of a modern township. Celebration Mall, as it is now known, hosts Abuya’s economic and education complex. It is located in Bandar Country Homes, a new town in Selangor. This has been the aftermath of the government’s banning and dissolution of Darul Arqam in 1994. The ISA was punitively applied against Abuya, but it instead gave his congregation a stronger reputation.
Abuya is incessantly attacked by all kinds of black magic from all angles. His family and followers endures the same assault. The magic should have rendered his followers dead, insane, paralyzed and idiotic. But, masya Allah, his followers have not been adversely affected by the black magic.
Abuya has no private house. But his congregation’s guest houses, scattered all over the country, are prepared for his use anytime. To move around at a distance, Abuya boards on first-class flights.
Abuya has followers whose loyalty and obedience are no less than that of a child to his or her parents. Envious quarters have thus accused him of negatively encouraging a personality cult which borders on fanaticism. The accusers know well that a leader is successful when he can make himself the father and mother of his followers, such that they can depend on and seek protection from him.
Abuya was tested by God some of his former followers became his opponents and even rivals. They wished to set up an alternative congregation that would be better than Abuya’s, but without avail. In fact, they have been humiliated, having to undergo miserable lives with endless problems.
Abuya now has more than 700 business outlets. His followers have set up multifarious projects under his name all over the world. Abuya is not able to visit all of them but they are run well. His followers handle these projects responsibly and honestly; sustaining, protecting and expanding them from time to time, as a token to repay Abuya’s deeds in leading and guiding them to eternal salvation.
Abuya has six eminent Muslim ulama in the world as his fervent supporters.
Abuya has attracted the attention of researchers to write theses on the recipes and formulae of Abuya’s struggle. Abuya’s struggle’s is unique in gaining the world’s attention. Abuya-related affairs are discussed everywhere.
Abuya is rightfully a mujaddid (centennial Islamic reformer), given his extraordinary achievements. Many people acknowledge that Abuya is the mujaddid for this century. Despite efforts being made to deny this, the claim sustains far and wide.
Abuya is the Fata at Tamimi (man from the tribe of Tamim). The main criterion qualifying him for this title is his success in promoting Imam al-Mahdi’s name to the forefront of the Islamic agenda.
Abuya is also the Sohibuz Zaman (Master of the Epoch), because it appears that this era, especially in Malaysia, has been re-patterned by Abuya’s miraculous touch. The world is changing according to Abuya’s design!
Allah endows Abuya with an unseen ‘power’, by which all the miracles take effect. Karamah (miracles) occurred at the hands of godly figures by virtue of such ‘power’. Whoever prays to Allah in the name of this power, by Allah’s will, will also be granted this immense strength.

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