What after ISA? How have Allah and His Messenger set Abuya free from his enemies’ traps? Henceforward is it true that this struggle is capable of creating an Islamic state? How?

The news of the Malaysian government’s release of Abuya, after 10 years of banishment to 2 districts, could have garnered wide publicity if Abuya had wanted so. But since Abuya closed doors to all pursuing journalists at that time, news of the emancipation became smaller than it should have been. In reality, it was not small because one thousand and one miraculous feats had occurred in Abuya’s hands from his first day until his last moments in the ISA.

As soon as being released, Abuya spent a few months on a nationwide road show visiting his followers and Rufaqa’ projects. When the tsunami struck Banda Aceh on 26th December 2004, Abuya was in Miri, Sarawak, meeting his followers there. It was then, in Hotel City Park, Miri, Abuya was struck by God’s ‘tsunami’, afflicted by an ailment doctors termed as ‘multi-stroke’. He was bed-ridden for 2 continuous weeks, even for the purpose of answering nature’s call. Physically inhibited, he performed the daily prayers just to respect the prescribed times.
Until now, the ailment seems to have had its ups and downs, but it has yet to be cured. Abuya occasionally goes outside but on a wheelchair. At the time of writing, Abuya’s suffering had taken one year’s time. Abuya says, if anyone asks about Abuya’s activity after ISA, the appropriate answer would be, “Abuya has been admitted to God’s ISA,” meaning to say that he has encountered a serious ailment. Why?

When Abuya’s enemies referred to the doctors treated Abuya, and found out that his ailment was very serious, they became less worried about the ‘danger’ supposedly brought by Abuya. They derided Abuya upon seeing his predicament, as they considered his ailment as evidence that Abuya was not a godly person as had been claimed by his followers.

But as had happened during his ISA detention, Abuya’s struggle was not ill as Abuya was. In fact, it became stronger!

So at a time when his enemies became convinced that Abuya had no future, Abuya’s comrades believed even more that Abuya would be triumphant.

Tun Ghafar’s death was the second major post-ISA event which made his enemies increasingly skeptical of Abuya. This was because Abuya had once predicted that Tun Ghafar would rise to become Prime Minister even for one day, yet the prognostication never took place.

For Abuya’s followers, Tun Ghafar’s death before his accession to the Prime Ministership did not affect their conviction. Tun Ghafar’s ascendancy had been agreed to by many people, many of whom had wanted to manipulate Tun Ghafar for their ulterior motives. The whole of Malaysia was waiting for Tun Ghafar’s elevation at the time of his death. As evidence, upon his death, Tun Ghafar was honoured with a funeral as if a Prime Minister had just passed away. An observer thus commented, the day of Tun Ghafar’s death was also the day that proved the truth of Abuya’s words, that Tun Ghafar was qualified to become Prime Minister. So Tun Ghafar experienced becoming Prime Minister on the very day of his death.

Such was the Might of Allah, as really felt by Abuya’s followers. In addition, his congregation became more popular among the upper echelons of society at both the national and local state levels. In fact, even abroad, Abuya’s influence widened. Small wonder, believers of the Abuya’s truth became even more convinced in it. Whereas for those who lacked such beliefs in the first place, became even less convinced by Abuya’s ailment. It was with the Will of Allah that such a miraculous turn of events found its destiny.

After Tun Ghafar’s demise, Tun Mahathir Mohamad, former Prime Minister of Malaysia, stirred up Malaysia’s political scene. Democracy was challenged when Tun Mahathir undermined the present Prime Minister and ruling government. This was unprecedented in Malaysia.

In order to demonstrate that the government which succeeded his had failed, Tun Mahathir was willing to contest to become a delegate for the Kubang Pasu. UMNO division. What a humiliation that his fate would eventually be as low as that, and yet how honourable of him to do such for the sake of his race and country!

As a consequence, Pak Lah’s government became restless. Public sympathy for Tun Mahathir rose following his defeat in the divisional contest. Politics was seen as extremely filthy. Frustrated with such a filthy struggle, truth-lovers very much hope that Malaysia will not be ruled by politicians anymore. Democracy is approaching its final days.

During the same time, Abuya just remains in his bedroom, unable to move around due to his ailment. But within the bedroom area, he performs a task which even a large gathering of healthy people could not undertake. Abuya conducts a course on the Knowledge of the Ikhwan for his followers. Abuya dispenses ‘power’ to each one who comes to him. With such a ‘power’, one is able to obtain help from Allah in the fulfillment of any of his wishes. Abuya says, this ‘power’ should be utilized to bring about the second rise of Islam. Using it, by the will of Allah, we can get an Islamic state for Malaysia.

Miraculously, with this ‘power’, Abuya has swiftly reorganized his congregation. It has been able to really transform someone into a new person. Polygamous wives have changed from bearing ill-will in their hearts to mutually cooperating and perennially praying for one another.
Stubborn and iron-hearted leaders have been changed into becoming humble and extremely fearful of God. Hyperactive youths, whose behaviour had been dubious and worrying, have been transformed into truth-loving and convincing youths. Abuya’s ‘power’ classifies humans according to their sins and errors, and punishes and processes them until they emerge as new humans whom Abuya calls either ‘Ikhwan’ or ‘Asoib’.

The congregation is being programmed with this ‘power’ so that the male followers really control the movement, as had previously been entrusted to the female followers.
This ‘power’ can also become a capital to generate finances towards expanding Rufaqa’’s economic empire.
Abuya’s ‘power’ is the strength of Allah’s help to anyone in striving for Islam, with the pre-requisite that one prays with and for Abuya’s intercession (tawassul).
For those with strong convictions, the given ‘power’ is immense, and so is the generated product. The biggest accomplishment is the ability to extinguish one’s evil attributes (mazmumah). One’s heart is always with God. One is incapable of forgetting God even for a split second, anywhere.
Abuya ‘power’ the most miraculous thing of this time. For those unable to obtain it, they are at a loss.

For the West, Allah has given fascinating science and technology. For Muslims, Allah has bestowed a saintly miracle (karamah) in the name of an amazing ‘power’ of Abuya. The West is intellectually strong, Muslims are spiritually strong. Spiritual strength is actually more powerful than intellectual strength.

Abuya says, when there are 10 individuals whose heart or soul are strong enough with Allah, Allah will change Malaysia into an Islamic state.
This is not impossible. People’s hearts are unconvinced with politics. They no longer want a leader who rises via politics. The system will follow suit in changing for the better. Allah has destined that one will gain ascendancy in Malaysia without climbing the conventional political ladder.

Let us look at an electoral constituency on which the world is focusing its attention, viz. Kubang Pasu. It was here that Tun Mahathir Mohamad built his grassroots strength for 30 years.
But here also, Mahathir was humiliated when he was defeated by his own ex-apprentice. In Kubang Pasu, Abuya developed Malays into exerting control over Islamic education and the economy – an endeavour in which UMNO has failed. Abuya’s name and influence are augmenting here and in fact throughout the whole of Kedah. Who would have thought that Abuya, with his own distinctive way, would be in control of the situation when people are increasingly losing their trust in UMNO.

The political situation in Malaysia is worsening with internal party problems, racial disharmony, rising prices of goods and other unsovled problems. Not to mention accelerating social ills.
Being in the midst these crises, we have to be prepared to witness a gigantic spiritual explosion that will transform Malaysia’s political climate into something really new, by the will of Allah.
O Allah, I have hereby finished telling about a servant of Yours, because of whom people have known You, O God. There is only one such figure for every era, in the same manner that You have sent one Messenger for every 300 or 700 years. They came for the sole purpose of giving God to humankind. But Abuya is not a Messenger. He is a reformer (mujaddid) for the end of time. His solemn title is the Prince of Bani Tamim (Al Fata At Tamimi).

His is the most miraculous of your creations for his time. There is nothing more amazing than he – a creature whose capacity resembles that of an angel although he is merely a man.
He will surely triumph. Godly people are urgently needed by the world and its inhabitants. Humans are obliged to search for him and swear an oath of loyalty to him.
His lifetime story ought to be benefited for reference. His speech is a guideline. To be together with him is guidance, to oppose him is to invite despise.
He is present in Malaysia, the country that will start the process of the second rise of Islam. The schedule of Allah will surely take place. Many books have been written by the West on forthcoming events near the end of time. The West took such information from hadiths of the Messenger of Allah. A thousand and one kinds of obstacles have been attempted to thwart Allah’s Schedule, but how can it be possible to stop it? May the whole generation of humans on earth be salvaged by the advent of a Saviour unto them.

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