Who is moving this hand to write. Write for us, O God, about someone because of whom we have reverted to care about You and pay attention to You. All this while, we have never heeded Your existence even though we believe in You, O God.

He has undergone numerous hardships in struggling to make us really feel we possess You, O Allah, O God. He says, acquiring God is the secret of happiness. In fact, for human beings, God is everything. Who acquires God will gain everything he needs in life. God is the supreme love, who has showered upon the mankind He created the greatest love. Whoever endeavours to reciprocate His love, will become a person to whom being poor or rich is just the same. Praised or vilified, he is unperturbed. Once he loves God, he no longer relies upon wealth and eulogies. He is not worried by poverty and humiliation. He fears only the censure from God, for fear of losing God. He no longer depends on the pride and pleasures of the world.

O Allah, he has divested loneliness in our lives, for now we possess God. We no longer fear our future for now we have God as a medium to hope for and to rely upon. Whatever suffering we go through hardly a problem for us, since we feel that it is by the Wisdom and Justice of God.
God plays a very important role in life. You are someone we could always talk to, a meaningful companion. You have become our target and priority in life, just as You taught us in our prayer, “That life and death is for none other than God, Ruler of the universe.”

He, O Allah, has successfully taught us to exalt You, until all other things are minute by comparison. Consequently our present lives are very much different from our past lives. Our thinking and emotional systems have undergone complete changes, for our core belief has been concentrated to God. Our belief had previously been based on ideologies, capitalism, politics, money and other worldly matters. We had never included God as our asset.

O God, we did not plan whatever systemic changes in ourselves. You have destined those changes to have occurred at the hands of Abuya Ashaari Muhammad. He is the father and mother of Muslims, not biologically, but spiritually. Biological parents beget, raise, feed, clothe and school their offspring. At school, he takes over the parental role to the human mind and spirit. He is the second parent to humans. He raises the human soul such that it is competent to undertake spiritual tasks. When a person comes to him, he enlightens the person’s soul by giving him God. The previously dormant soul is rejuvenated. The person’s biological parents were incapable of reviving an inactive soul. Only the spiritual parent knows how to do it. Such is the spiritual human that God has sent to the world.

O Allah, You realize that Abuya Ashaari Muhammad is every human’s need. You sent him to this world or such a mission. Allow us then to introduce him to Malaysia and the world. We are breaching Your trust if we hide him. Whereas by knowing him, men will gain God and be able to love and fear God.

O God, do open the path for him to be known. And teach us about him, for we are still ignorant about him. You are the One who knows him most, for You created him and allowed all sorts of miraculous happenings to take place in his life. In particular, he has the extraordinary capacity to intimately relate to You and to connect the hearts of others with God.

In this age, one is proud enough to be able to be close to the Prime Minister – deemed a remarkable achievement. What more if one can be close to Allah, the Emperor of the world and the Hereafter, Owner of the heavens and lands, Paradise and Hell. It is too astonishing a feat to be put into words. What strength does he possess such that he can accomplish such a feat?

Finally, if there is reward for this effort, O God, I plead that You grant it to Abuya, as an honorarium for his invaluably good deeds to us. Spread also the reward to all those who have done good to us, our parents and Muslim all over, whether still alive or not.

O Allah, please accept this effort as our servile worship to You. Do support us, for without Your support, this book will be capable of nothing for only You have effect on events. I seek from You o God, it is only to You that I utter my hopes. Please protect me so that I am shielded from pride and narcissism, with the outcome of this book. Ensure, O Allah, that my heart feels unworthy of this bounty. I fear of failing Your test, and failing to gain Your acceptance and love. And I fear of being thrown into the Hellfire which You have prepared! Amen.

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